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  • GMS | Shamal

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    After being successfully involved with the completion of Basic Design and the realisation of full Detail Design for systems and outfitting for the S-class jack-up vessels, Gulf Marine Services (GMS) has assigned C-Job Naval Architects to also perform the same scope of engineering for the 2nd series of E-class jack-up vessels, as the overall quality of the S-class project... GMS | Shamal

  • Neptune Shipyards | AHTSV

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    Anchor Handler Tug Supply Vessel (AHTSV), concept design made for Neptune Shipyards, Werkendam. DP2, 92,50 meter by 19,50 breadth mid. Deck load of 7 ton/m2 and accommodation for 50 persons. Bollard pull up to 120 ton.  Neptune Shipyards | AHTSV

  • Neptune Shipyards | OSV

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    Concept design van een OSV in opdracht van Neptune Shipyards, Werkendam.

    Neptune Shipyards | OSV
  • Van Oord | Jan Steen

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    For Van Oord, C-Job has performed several Modifications and Engineering assignments. One example is the modification of an Anchor Rack on the Jan Steen. 

    We also designed the deck foundation for the complete trencher system which consists of a A-frame, trencher and umbilical. Van Oord | Jan Steen

  • Volker Stevin | Nordica

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    For Volker Stevin, C-Job performed the modification for the aft deck and the chute design for cable laying activities.

    Volker Stevin | Nordica
  • Van Oord | Stingray

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    Modification of pipe laying vessel “Stingray”. Basic & Detail Design of multiple modifications. Challenge of these projects manifested itself as the barge needed to operate at shallow Draft. Other projects consisted out of making the intact and damage stability booklets. Van Oord | Stingray

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