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C-Job is currently researching the possibility to generate Concept Designs in short time spans, with an accurate estimation of weights, building costs and performance. This will boost C-Job’s Ship Design competiveness within the maritime industry.


"With this research, the conceptual design process will be automated and optimized so that ship owners can get a head start during their newbuilding program."


The first step in designing a new vessel is Concept Design. The functional specification needs to be translated into a realistic feasible concept. In order to stay on top of development, C-Job has the ambition to generate 4 concept designs in 2 weeks eventually. In the coming newsflashes we will keep you posted on our advancements.


C-Job Ship Design

When designing a ship, the concept design can be divided into three phases: definition, optimization and report phase. In the definition phase the functional specification is translated to a feasible hull shape and watertight definition. The design complies with the freeboard, intact stability, damage stability and longitudinal strength.

After the definition phase, the design is optimized in the parametric design study (optimization phase). This time, different parameters, defining the design, are tested in order to find the optimum for a given objective. An objective can be, for example, minimizing steel weight, resistance or maximizing cargo capacity. In the reporting phase, the optimal solution is chosen for which the deliverables are made. Typical deliverables (“Tender package”) of the C-Job Concept Design phase are:

  • Concept Drawings (General Arrangement, Main Cross Section, Tank/Compartment plan)
  • Concept Calculations (regarding e.g. Freeboard, GT/NT, Speed/Power, Intact or Damage Stability, Longitudinal Strength, Light Ship Weight)
  • Technical Specifications
  • Rendering of Concept Design


Advantage for Ship Owners

The big advantage for the future ship owner is that:

C-Job can transform their dream into a realistic concept design which can be used for price quotations at different shipyards based on one and the same design. 


Recent C-Job ship designs are renowned to be game changing in their industry. Some examples are:

  1. Hybrid CNG-Electric ferry Texelstroom
  2. LNG-powered TSHD Bonny River for DEME
  3. TSHD MPH 9.0 for Van Oord
  4. Flettner freighter FF8000 for Switijnk Family

Currently 2 new 17.000 m3 Multi-Purpose Hoppers are being built for Dutch Dredging contractor Van Oord. C-Job was responsible for the concept design co-created with Van Oord. In 2014 a C-Job concept design, the Mini Heavy Lift Vessel “Atlantic Dawn” (CIG / Hartman Shipping) was nominated for the prestigious KNVTS Ship of the Year award.


For more information about C-Job Ship Designs, go to our Projectpage or send an email to info@c-job.eu.

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