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As the maritime industry is changing, so is the portal through which many maritime professionals find C-Job Naval Architects on the World Wide Web. That is why C-Job decided to gradually improve their existing website and change the content and looks to be ready for new ship designs and engineering solutions in 2016.

Wietse Bandstra, responsible for marketing and sales within C-Job studied the visitor patterns on the old page. “Besides theHome and Contact pages, most visitors were interested in the ‘Projects’-page. However, many people did not find what they were looking for”. This observation is staffed by the analytics and figures found. Bandstra: “Before, people would find what we could do on the projects page, but potential clients want some reference material and proof of what C-Job is capable of”. The answer to what services are offered is now to be found in the 'Services'-page. Bandstra: “Already by improving the content and available news on the site, our visitors have doubled since last year”.

The ‘Projects’-page is divided into the 6 main branches C-Job is active in: Dredging, Offshore, Ferries, In-land, Yachts and Special Cargo Vessels. C-Job does not focus on one branch, but does focus on the needs of their clients. Take a look and see how our new website could be of benefit to you! See how C-Job can be “Your naval engineering partner”.

Do you miss anything on our website? Or would you like to give some suggestions? Please contact us via info@c-job.eu.

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