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Cooperation and knowledge sharing

One builds ships as a team: together with the client, the yard, the sub-contractors and the suppliers of equipment and systems. In order to build a good ship or ship system, you must know the right people in those companies and understand what they are talking about. We know all of them.

As the client, you are closely involved in the entire design process. We talk to one another very much so that we can understand one another and you regularly join us in keeping a watchful eye during the design process.

In addition, we also ensure that we are constantly familiar with the newest developments. This applies not only to the field of shipbuilding, but also to software, technique and the fields in which our clients work. This is the only way in which we are and remain the most advanced maritime shipping engineering consultants' office in the Netherlands.

We regularly have contact with universities and university colleges locally and abroad where high-level maritime engineering is lectured. This is why we choose the best students for C-Job.





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